Being married for a long time is one of the goals that, in my opinion makes us happy – it makes me happy – that is why I came up with a 5 Years of Marriage Ring Gift to make you partner happy.

My name is Robert. May passion is jewellery making, especially rings.

Being close to the 5 year mark of marriage I kept thinking for a perfect gift for my wife. We are people that do not enjoy expensive stuff. I have seen my wife happier to receive a birthday card with a heartfelt message than the car I gifted her – it was a workhorse anyways so I wasn’t upset :)

Thinking about a perfect gift and the fact that she simply does not like precious metals or stones. I came up with the idea to make her a ring out of wood.

First Attempts to Make 5 Years of Marriage Ring Gift

As anyone that has exactly 0 experience on how to make a ring, how to size it or what kind of wood to use, I went on YouTube. Researched for a couple of days. Armed with plenty of knowledge from masters of the craft I started working on it.

Of course the first 10 or so attempts came out like curly potato peels. My fingers developed a sudden love and closure for one another as the super-glue was drying on them.

A week of trial and errors! Tried different sorts of wood. Tried different techniques. Finally I came up with a nice ring: a wenge wood and ash bentwood ring. If you wonder what is wenge wood, check it here.

I gifted it to my wife. It was an emotional moment as she started crying. She told me that it was the most beautiful thing ever! I knew she is a good liar but she actually enjoyed that gift.

Still a couple of years until we hit the 5 year anniversary mark on our marriage. I still make rings for my wife. The latter pieces are WAY more refined that the first one. She still keeps the first one tied to a string, alone, in the biggest slot of her jewellery box.

My advice, in stead of trying to reinvent the wheel, get a ring from me! They are quite affordable, made out of recycled materials and unique, to say the least. Help yourself to one of my 5 year anniversary rings, to make the perfect gift for your partner. All the without the hassle of learning a new skill or glue your fingers together.